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Granite Gear is not only our founding sponsor but they literally put the backpack in backpacker. Since 1986, Granite Gear has been producing unmatched packing systems that specialize in the three things outdoor users want most: weight, comfort, and durability. A partnership between Packing It Out and Granite Gear quickly became apparent upon meeting at Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia. Both coming from humble beginnings with a goal to make a difference. Granite Gear to make a superior packing system with life-long durability; Packing It Out to inspire our communites to a a higher level of environmental stewardship by leaving our naturals places cleaner for the next generation. Our team used the award winning Crown VC 60 and ultralight Virga 2 on our 2015 Appalachian Trail thru-hikes. We are excited to represent Granite Gear on this years Pacific Crest Trail clean-up.



Gear Junkie has been the 'Go-To' source for outdoor news, gear reviews, travel, adventure stories and gear giveaways since 2006. The scope of their outdoor coverage is mind boggling. We love being able to visit one site to cover all of our outdoor knowledge needs. 

Packing It Out started working with Gear Junkie shortly after completing our 2015 Appalachian Trail clean-up. Their November piece on us (click here for article) quickly became their 2nd most popular article of 2015. They will be the source for Packing It Out news. We trust GearJunkie to spread our mission and we are extremely grateful to be working closely with Gear Junkie on this years Pacific Crest Trail clean-up.



Sierra Designs has been setting the standard for light-weight, functional outdoor gear since 1965. Don't take our word for it, ask Outside Magazine, National Geographic and Backpacker Magazine. Sierra Designs has received numerous gear awards from these well respected outdoor media experts. They've been in the game for a long time and are continually pushing the envelope in terms of comfort and functionality.

Packing It Out loves Sierra Designs because they keep our pack-weights down, doesn't need constant attention and just looks down right good. They allow us to focus on our mission to inspire others by cleaning up our planet.



CLIF Bars. These days it's really hard to find someone who doesn't know what they are. Kind of like Kleenex or Chap-Stick. CLIF Bar is synonymous with energy bar, as well as adventure bar, mid-day snack bar, shred-it name it. But more than that, their product lineup is phenomenally diverse. We'll be getting our chocolate cravings mended with Clif Organic Trail Mix Bars, savory fixes from the Organic Energy Food and our daily fruits and seeds from the Kit's Organic lineup.

No doubt, their support is instrumental to our nutrition program on the PCT, but what really makes us glow is their commitment to the planet, organic/ sustainable foods and community. You could spend the better part of a day read about the many initiatives they've got going on, and we highly recommend you check them out. From getting kids out to play, advocating Organic in DC and building a new LEED certified bakery in Twin Falls, ID, They're out there, fighting the good fight and working to make a better world for all of us that love to play in it. They've got our backs, along with yours, and we couldn't be prouder. Clif Bar



Founded in 2009, Altra footwear is relatively new in the world of running and trail shoes. None the less, they have quickly become a staple footwear piece in the outdoor community, especially with the thru-hiking and ultra-distance running crowd. By implementing Footshape and Zero Drop designs in their shoe models, Altra footwear encourages natural running and hiking form while giving the foot room to do what it want to do naturally.

The Packing It Out crew has been advocating Zero Drop footwear for years. We have personally experienced the benefits of this footwear during our previous thru-hike and ultra-distance events and we couldn't be happier. Our feet are pretty happy too! Altra Running



Zeal Optics was a natural partnership from the start. They run their company on simple and very effective set of  beliefs: Use Less, Give Back, and Explore More! All of Zeal's glasses are created with plant-based materials which produces an environment friendly product that not only looks amazing and performs flawlessly but takes pressure off our planet in more ways than one. They didn't stop their. Zeal understands the importance of adventure and the positive impact these explorations can have on someone. They give back by providing inspirational adventures to those who may not ever get these opportunities. Zeal also support projects that reduce our environmental footprint and that create social change in our communities. Packing It Out and Zeal will be continue our missions of inspiration together in order to leave our planet a cleaner, happier, and ultimately more appreciated place.



We reached out to Justin's because of their commitment to sourcing only natural ingredients while striving to be totally organic. Also because quite honestly, they have the best consistency and flavors of any peanut/almond butter we've had... ever. Chris should know, like on the road has led him to average one pound of peanut butter per week for the last 8 years and he's tried them all!

Justin's was started in 2004 by Justin himself. Staying up late after waiting tables, he'd grind out butters to sell at the local farmer's market. Obviously the Boulder, CO community were big fans because soon after, you could purchase Justin's off the shelves at Whole Foods. Nowadays they're continually growing and using their success to help others gain traction by becoming the founding memebers of the Microloan-A-Month Fund. Justin's also stands up for a clean way of life and a clean planet, and we are proud to have Justin's on our team as we clean the PCT. 
Justins -



Quality nutrition is extremely important to the Packing It Out team, but with a plethora of nutrition supplement companies in the market, what separates Standard Process from the others? As with all of our sponsors, the first thing we look at are the companies values. Values effect everything we do, so naturally good values equate to good products and practices. 

A core value at Standard Process is its commitment to the whole planet by using only environmentally safe farming practices. With more than 60% of their raw plant ingredients being sourced from their 420-acre organic farm, Standard Process is creating the most nutritious supplements in an environmentally sustainable manner. Whatever can't be grown on their farm is responsibly sourced from around the world. These practices have led to Standard Process being recognized as a Green Tier 1 company. The Green Tier program recognizes companies that distinguish themselves as environmental innovators and demonstrate a strong environmental compliance record. Now add the fact that Packing It Out's founder, Seth Orme, has been using Standard Process nutrition since he was just a child. This kinship paired with the environmentally sustainable methods listed above made Standard Process our top choice for nutrition supplements.

Our team will be using SP complete and Ligaplex II during our 2016 Pacific Crest Trail clean-up effort. Learn more about these products by clicking on them and learn more about Standard Process's others products here: Standard Process


A partnership between Packing It Out and Purely Elizabeth is a perfect fit considering the love that these two organizations have for the environment. Purely Elizabeth provides the planet with oatmeals, hot breakfasts, and a variety of granolas, including gluten and grain-free, ancient grain, and probiotic varieties. 
Purely has a focus on providing nutritious and healthy foods for holistic health, self-care, and environmental sustainability that aligns with our values. Sourcing organic and non-GMO ingredients is just one step the team at Purely takes to maintain sustainability, as a member of 1% for the Planet, and as a certified B Corp, they are dedicated to giving back to their community and supporting educational programs that promote sustainability. We are stoked to share our love for the natural world with such a stand out company. And if all that wasn't enough, check out the flavor profiles of their goodies. It is enough to make your mouth water. Purely Elizabeth


Backpacking 30 miles a day puts an incredible amount of stress on the body. Now include additional weight from trash we collect. The result is usually a tired and depleted hiker. We do our best to take nutrition serious by eating nutrient dense foods throughout the day and during the recovery phase after the day's mileage is complete.

Quality ingredients from a sustainable source led us to Wild Planet products. With tuna being our staple protein source during each day's dinner, we are stoked to know the fish we are eating is dolphin safe and caught in a sustainable manner. We personally enjoy the pouch Albacore Tuna during these long distance backpacking efforts. The weight to protein ratio in these pouches is just too good to beat. Check out there tuna pouches and other products. Wild Planet



Since 1978, Cabot Hosiery Mills has been making socks. They don't make hats, gloves, jackets, or underwear; They make socks...the toughest socks. Paired with an "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee", Darn Tough makes all of their socks here in the United States of America. Calling the Green Mountains of Vermont their home, Darn Tough uses the perfect blend of Merino wool and nylon to ensure the most comfortable and durable sock, ever. The Packing It Out team couldn't be happier representing a company so dedicated to it's craft and our country! Darn Tough



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