Well y'all we've been on the trail for about a month now and are somehow still alive, haha. The past few posts have focused primarily on Packing It Out and how wonderfully things have worked out for us this far. However, we'd be doing a disservice to you kind folks if we didn't mention just how much fun we're having. 

Adversities don't seem quite so adverse when spirits are high, and due to the nature of our trio positivity abounds often. We've also been fortunate enough to meet very encouraging comrades along the way. So regardless of the weather or terrain we have a blast. 

4 nights ago we camped just past Standing Bear Hostel at a quaint little campsite called Painters Creek. At first glance the area was dreamy; a babbling brook splitting soft shoulders of moss and ferns with low fingering branches bedazzled by glittering rain drops grasping onto the day's final sunbeams. However, upon closer inspection we found the not so silver lining. The entire forest floor was littered with poison ivy. There were no contingency plans in place and daylight was dwindling so we made the decision to camp. Even amongst the postured poisonous pests posted around our campsite our demeanors weren't dampened. The rain began soon after but was counteracted by our hot dinners, and yet again smiles ensued. This tale is merely one example of how little extenuating circumstances damper our delightful dispositions. Daily dips in refreshing running cricks help keep our smells tolerable and smiles wide. 

We are enjoying every second of our journey so far and can hardly wait for the sunrise each morning. If there is anyone out there who has the desire to come out for a few days and hike with us the invitation is always on the table. Feel free to contact us either on our blog or on our Facebook page. Once again we want to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement. We are heading into the woods now for our 5 day trek to Erwin, TN.  We will be posting again from there. Keep PackingItOut, and have fun!

Until next time, Goose!


  1. What a delightfully encouraging post, Joe!! We are so enjoying the updates! You all have a knack for writing btw ;) Very nicely written! It's so great that you are making friends along the way, and are keeping smiles on your faces all the time! Even amongst the "postured poisonous pests posted" all on the floor of your campsite! I hope y'all didn't get the poison itching!! Very proud of y'all on this adventurous journey!! Love, Your sis (Rach)

  2. So good to see your really enjoying your youth! Love Aunt Linda & Uncle Terry

  3. So good to see your really enjoying your youth! Love Aunt Linda & Uncle Terry


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