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Foundations: Efficiency

Howdy! Before I dive into this article about efficiency, I want to give you all an update from our hike the last few weeks. During our last check in, Spice and I had just begun our transition from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Cascade Range. Since that check in, We have completed 2,380 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and have removed 719 pounds of trash from the trail. We quickly glided through Oregon's diverse terrain, doing our best to balance the need to hike miles and the siren call of the lakes and huckleberries. Side cleanups and alternate routes resulted in some unique trash finds. Oregon was overall an incredible state. Sitting in a hotel room half-way into Washington, I'm wondering where the last 250 miles went. Then I remember that they went up, down and around some of the most incredible mountains I've ever seen. Looking outside at the coming rains, I'm reminded of how fortunate we've been to see only blue skies on our journey thr