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Foundations: Strength

Before I get into this article I want to share a quick update from our recent days. We recently hiked out of the northern end of the Sierra Nevada range and have now entered the Cascade range that will take us through the remainder of California and Oregon, into Washington. In the past weeks, we passed by steaming fumaroles and boiling lakes in Lassen Volcanic National Park, hiked a 41 mile day across the notoriously dry Hat Creek Rim, and got our fill of views of the beautiful Mount Shasta. To date, we have hiked 1600 miles and cleaned up 628 pounds of litter. We also passed the PCT halfway point recently, marked by a nondescript little marker post alongside the trail. Now, on with the main purpose of this article, strength. Finding strength in the Sierra. There are many aspects to strength, both physical and mental, but for the purposes of this article we will primarily focus on the physical aspect because I find the mental aspects of strength to relate more closely to our u