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Howdy! It's been an eventful couple of weeks on trail so far. If I could describe this period of time in just one word, it would be described as 'alternatives'. Alternatives by definition is the selection of which precludes any other possibility or a choice limited to one or two more possibilities. From having to choose which route to take around fire closures to simply deciding what type of breakfast we can afford to use water on, we have definitely chosen many alternatives so far on this adventure.  While cleaning the Appalachian Trail last year, the number of off trail detours or re-routes were essentially non existent. This year on the Pacific Crest Trail, we have already had two fire closures that required taking alternate routes. We've heard word that there will be a handful more along our hike north. At first this was really off-putting. I mean, we flew across the country to walk 'the PCT'. We have realized that this happens to hikers every year. It's

Expedition Behavior

Photo by: Nico Schuler