Hello again guys, Goose here to give a brief update of our progress thus far. We are making our way across Tennessee/North Carolina and enjoying every minute of it. 

We've been very fortunate so far, and today's detour from the trail has been no  exception. We are currently lounging in the Mountain Inn and Suites in Erwin, TN enjoying all the forgotten luxuries of city existence. As alluring as our afternoon has been we can't wait to get back on the trail. However, our excitement is tempered by the pure trail magic we've received since arriving here. 

Upon walking into town we stopped by Uncle Johnny's Hostel where, unbeknownst to us, we were greeted by a care package sent by a former fellow hiker Jumanji. We last spoke with him when we were in Fontanna Village where he tantalized us with thoughts of gifts to come. However, time and trail crowded out the aforementioned fancy so naturally it slipped out of mind. You can imagine our surprise when, arriving at Uncle Jonny's, we had a parcel waiting in our names. It seems this would be the first of many surprises Erwin had in store for us. 

We got to our designated lunch spot, an all you can eat pizza joint, where we were surprised yet again by fellow hikers who bought all of our lunches. Next, we arrived at the local grocery store to discover that our resupply was only going to cost us a fraction of what we intended to spend thanks to the ridiculously low prices. Finally, we arrived at our abode for the night and were greeted by a free all you can eat breakfast and snickers from another hiker. 

Needless to say, our stay in Erwin has been littered with great experiences and good fortune. We are beyond great-full for all the continued support and hope that everyone knows just how appreciative we are for the daily encouragement we receive both on and off the trail. Keep PackingItOut and continue to pursue what inspires you. 

Until next time, 


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