Well ladies and gentlemen it's been quite some time since we've updated y'all on the nitty gritty of our trip so bear with me while I attempt to bring everyone up to speed regarding our journey thus far. A lot has changed since our last post, but all for the best. I'm writing this from a quaint town just outside of Hanover NH called Norwich VT where we're preparing ourselves for the next leg of our journey. We start the infamous New Hampshire tomorrow with spirits and expectations high. Since our last update a few changes have ocurred.
First and foremost is the awesome news that Granite Gear has become the first official sponsor of PackingItOut. We are very excited to be working with such a fantastic company that truly believes in our cause. Before venturing on this trip we all invested in Granite Gear packs because of quality workmanship and materials. We have not been disappointed. Thanks once again to Granite Gear for supporting a new breed of athlete looking to inspire others to steward over the opportunities at their fingertips. 
More big news inbound, hold on tight,! As much as we've depended and continue to depend on the donations of our friends and family we knew there would come a time when we'd have to fend for ourselves and re-enter the working world. Well after many days of anticipation and hiking, of course, we got our answer. Cap and I will be starting our new jobs for the AMC Huts in New Hampshire starting August 17th. AMC stands for Appalachian Mountain Club and is responsible for housing outdoor enthusiests of all ages in the rugged White Mountains of New Hampshire. As excited as we are this news means change for PackingItOut. Paul did not apply for this job so he has no time constraint on his trip. Therefore we decided it was best to part ways  and continue packing out trash in separate groups.  Cap and I who have jobs waiting for us will push on and pack it out as per usual while Spice brings up the rear making sure we didn't miss anything. 
I know we've hit y'all with a lot so far, but hang in there we're almost done. It's official, we've packed out over 1000 pounds of trash so far! It's hard to believe, looking back, that a 1/2 ton of garbage has been picked up since we started at Springer Mountain. However, we simply could not have made it to where we are or done all we have without everyones support. 
As you can see things continue to develop and change on a daily basis, but regardless of the dynamics associated with our trip we are constantly inspired and encouraged by the support we've recieved thus far. We will be updating you guys again once we venture through the Whites, and make our way to Maine. Once again, thank you for your support and keep packing it out. 
Until next time,


  1. Great meeting you in Killington, Goose & Cap. Am really impressed by -- and grateful for -- your commitment to a LNT ethic and to cleaning up after those who do not realize the cumulative effect of the little (and sometimes large) bits they leave behind on the trail. Happy trails on the rest of your hike to Maine, and have a ball working in the huts.
    Nubbins, AT 2014


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